Charms For Bracelets Are a Perfect Customized Gift

It can be difficult to find the right gift, and people often turn to jewelry for its beauty and versatility. When looking for an original, customized gift from the heart, charm bracelets are perfect. Not only are they a gift that can be worn with nearly any style, but they are a treasure waiting to be found when sitting in a jewelry box. Even if one is planning on wearing a different piece, they will not be able to overlook their personalized charm collection. He or she will have to hold each charm and remember the life events each charm represents before moving on to the “regular stuff.”

Charm bracelets have evolved over the years from simple silver charms hanging from a chain to flat, sleek, Italian charm bracelets, and to today’s ever-expanding line of Pandora’s charms. Each style is timeless, and each is able to be endlessly personalized to meet your needs.

The Bracelet

When considering the bracelet, one must consider the charm type. Dangling charms must be able to hang off of something, so links are a must. However, the closed-link design of other designs sometimes offer different dangles, even on Italian charm bracelets. Either way, one must know the type of chain prior to buying charms, and if buying the bracelet too, they must pay attention to the recommended length. Extra length is needed to make room for the charms.

Dangle Charms

Dangle charms are the traditional charm, and nothing says charm bracelet like the jingle of memories. A star may represent a memorable beach trip, or ice skates for a special winter vacation. There is a charm for nearly every event, like these, and charms can be custom ordered. The possibilities are endless.

Italian Charms

Italian charms are typically flat, which was their original draw. People wanted the personalized features of charm bracelets without the jingle of charms and risk of getting charms snagged on clothing, etc. The appeal of the dangle eventually won, and there are now Italian charms with loops soldered to them to hold dangle charms.

Pandora-Type Charms

Pandora-type charms are well-known for their beauty and elegance. Rather than focusing on memories, Pandora has focused on fashion with Italian Murano glass beads and designer sterling silver spacers. The charms are meant to represent events and memories rather than look like specific items. This allows the bracelets to be fashion statements. The appeal for dangle charms is still available though, and most come soldered on to spacers.