Bailey’s Fave Jewelry Links

  1. The Spruce– Offering quick tips for the newbie jewelry maker.
  2. Craftsy– Fun, easy tricks on learning how to design jewelry. They also offer classes!
  3. Interweave– Get the 101 on lapidary. Teaching you how to properly cut stones.
  4. Gem Find Web Design– Connect yourself and your business to potential buyers by creating your own site.
  5. ThoughtCo– Craft unique jewelry for a lasting, healing effect.
  6. Ganoksin– This company has trained and educated those interested in creating their own pieces for over 20 years.
  7. Jewelry Making Journal– The place to go for tutorials, tips and a helpful community.
  8. Jewelers.Community– Hundreds of blogs and forums for your to browse. This site is wonderful for getting your questions answered.
  9. Reddit– Reddit has a category for almost anything. This forum will connect you with fellow jewelry makers and people looking to buy!
  10. IndieMade– Learn how to boost sales, connect with other jewelers and look through countless resources.

Broadening your audience can be tough for an independent jewelry maker. If you have a website and wish to reach a wider range of people, visit my Email Bailey page for my contact information! Send me your URL and tell me a bit about what you do. If I think your business is a good fit, I’ll gladly add your link to the list.