Unique Handmade Jewelry

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or simply wanting to treat yourself, Rouse is the best place to shop for custom, handmade jewelry. What makes each piece special is that every one is different from the next. My name is Bailey Suttles, owner of Jewelry by Rouse and I’m here to share with you my extensive collections and knowledge on the art of jewelry making. I started rock hunting in my early teens but it wasn’t until I was in my mid twenties that I began designing and selling pieces that I had made with the stones that I had collected. Now, it is my full time job and passion.

Not only do I harvest the stones myself but i’m also a certified lapidary. In the past, I would only hold showings either in my home in Broadway, Virginia, or at special events. I prefer to do business that way, as I enjoy human interaction and believe in the energy of stones and gems. It’s hard to get the same feeling online but I knew that in creating this website, I was only doing my business and potential customers a service. Here at Jewelry by Rouse, you’ll not only be able to browse finished pieces, learn about the craft of stone carving and collecting but you’ll also be able to submit custom designs. I’m more than happy to bring any idea you have to life.


While what I list here isn’t everything I carry, it is important to note that supplies are always limited. In my spare time and when my collection starts to dwindle, is when I start my travels again. I can spend upwards of two months or more, depending on where in the world I choose to go, hunting for new and exciting stones. This business has allowed me to see so many amazing countries and experience countless cultures. With each new piece, I try to incorporate the feel of its original home. Here is a brief list of the material I use:

  • Stones and gems– Amber, amethyst, moonstone, quartz (rose and smokey), pearls, onyx, opal, jasper, sapphire, obsidian and turquoise. In rare cases I’ll also carry rubies and diamonds.
  • Wire – Gauges vary and I’ll used standard sizes for wrapping unless otherwise specified. You can choose from a selection of copper, nickel and silver. On hand I always have hemp and leather available as well.

If you decide to put in a custom order, the price will change depending on materials used. I always start out with a quote and once you’ve decided to buy will I then give you a solidified price. Thank you for taking the time to look through this site, I hope you found the piece you’ve been dreaming of. If you’d like to know more about the materials I offer or would like to put in a custom order, please go to my Email Bailey page, where you’ll find all of my contact information.